A day in Macedonia

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MacedoniaWe would like to share the riches of this magical country with all
of you to spend you free time. We would also like to invite you to
take this journey and feel what the camera could not record:

  • the hospitality under the warm southern sun;
  • the smiling faces;
  • the different fragrances;

  • flavors that never seem to fade;
  • and the spirit and traditions that fill you with profound admiration.

Once the veil of the night has been lifted, we slowly see Macedonia
bathed in light…

Light begins to slowly warm the fishing enclosures at Lake Dojran,
the narrow alleys and snow-white houses…

Light gradually reveals the mysticism of the monasteries, casts a
glance over the dewy mountains and valleys, and
warms the soul of lakes and rivers, hidden attics and secret

The morning is heralded in every way imaginable: by the noise of
the millstone, by the crowing of the rooster, by the ticking of the
clock, by the delicious smell of quinces, by the echo of church
bells; the DAY is heralded through the synthesis of all possible
colors in a wonderful pastel symphony…

The DAY is born, and so is the innocent baby’s smile…
Suddenly everyone is up…Everyone joins the rhythm known
as life, everyone carrying, as the saying goes, “his own
worries and his own needs”…

3 large tectonic
25 glacial and
15 artificial lakes
exist in Macedonia

1.200.000 people live in the urban areas of Macedonia.

Macedonia is an open land…

You can enter Macedonia from all four corners of the world or from
the countries it borders. And if you travel there by plane
You can land at the country’s two airports in Ohrid and